Google’s “Quantum Supremacy”

In a recent paper, Quantum researchers at Google describe how they used a quantum computer to perform, in 200 seconds, a series of calculations that would take the world’s most powerful supercomputer about 10,000 years to replicate, so they claimed. As Cade Metz from the NYT wrote, “this is the first example of what researchers have called “quantum supremacy” — the point where a quantum computer can perform a task that would take traditional computers a very, very long time.”

However, This achievement won’t turn traditional computer hardware on its head anytime soon. The Device is A large array of heavy and expensive lab equipment. Known by the name Sycamore, it is probably rivaled by only one or two similar devices around the globe. In addition to it’s size, The calculations were odd and of little practical application.

Quantum Computers are also fundamentally different from traditional machines. As traditional machines store either a 1 or 0 (Binary). Quantum computers can store both bits. This makes them extremely powerful and appealing to research but; they can not perform traditional computer tasks, only specific functions. Atleast, not yet 😉

As it Seems, we are still years away from such devices doing something practical. (Breaking encryption by Quantum Computer would render all traditional algorithms obsolete)